• Who I help... 我帮助谁

    • Adults, young adults & school children around the world
    • Students preparing for university study and student life in the UK
    • Business professionals around the world seeking an English language boost
    sessions are conducted on (1) Tencent or (2) Zoom or (rarely) WhatsApp or (very rarely) WeChat

    会议在 (1) 腾讯或 (2) Zoom 或(很少)WhatsApp 或(很少)微信上进行

    Here are some examples of what to expect...

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    Tencent (voov) online classes - Hey, Parents!

    腾讯 (voov) 在线课程 - 嘿,家长们!

    • don't buy any resources
    • Parents are encouraged to attend classes
    • Please discuss class learning with students after class
    • share English books (best, if you have a native speaker audio too)
    • 不要买很多资源
    • 鼓励家长参加课程
    • 请在课后与学生讨论课堂学习
    • 分享英文书籍(最好,如果你也有母语人士的音频)
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    Children's ENGLISH language courses:
    Reach Higher & Oxford Reading Tree, CEC, CRC
    Take any Whales English course with a real qualified native English-speaking teacher one to one.
    • Grades available from GKB to G6B.

    • I offer the flexibility to mix up different courses.

    • DON'T BUY RESOURCES. I have everything we need at no extra cost.

    • Pay only for expert interactive, reflective expert tuition.

    • Resources may be edited for mistakes (which I find & correct)

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    Reach Higher 和牛津阅读树、CEC、CRC


    • 等级从 GKB 到 G6B

    • 我提供混合不同课程的灵活性。

    • 不要购买资源。我有我们需要的一切,无需额外费用。

    • 只需支付专家互动、反思专家的学费。

    • 资源可能会因错误而被编辑(我发现并更正)


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      Teaching Reading 教学阅读

      Oxford Reading Tree is a wonderful resource for all children learning to read. It offers an opportunity for cultural immersion, real & fantasy situations. I have used ORT for many, many years. All kids love the books, the characters & the adventures - & yours will too.
      And with Whales ORT courses we have a really strong resource that follows and extends the books for ESL, ESOL or TEFL classes.

      牛津阅读树是所有学习阅读的孩子的绝佳资源。它为文化沉浸、真实和幻想情境提供了机会。我使用 ORT 已经很多很多年了。所有的孩子都喜欢这些书籍、角色和冒险——你也会喜欢的。
      通过 Whales ORT 课程,我们拥有非常强大的资源,可以遵循并扩展 ESL、ESOL 或 TEFL 课程的书籍。

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      Phonics & Pronunciation


      I know, understand and can teach... 我知道,理解并且可以教...
      • phonics: all 42 sounds in spoken English 以及英语口语中的 42 个音
      • grammar rules in written English 书面英语的语法规则
      • punctuation 标点
      • Key words and vocabulary 关键词和词汇
      I use conversation, comprehension questions and answers, role-play and voice messaging to teach, develop & reinforce all of these: and to improve pronunciation, confidence and syntax. 我使用对话、理解问题和答案、角色扮演和语音信息来教授、发展和强化所有这些:并提高发音、信心和句法
      Studying Back Holes in ESOL

      Teaching Writing 写作教学

      Interactive elements: 父母:

      • Study Character, Setting & Plot 研究人物、环境和情节

      • Effective Vocabulary awareness 有效的词汇意识

      • Grammar, Verb Tense and Styles 语法、动词时态和风格

      • Proof-reading, Spelling correcting & Editing 校对、拼写纠正和编辑

      • Drafting & redrafting to improve writing 起草和重新起草以改善写作

      • Studying a variety of Genres (Writing forms) non-fiction articles, fictional narrative, etc, etc. 学习各种体裁(写作形式)非小说类文章、虚构叙事等。

      Studying Back Holes in ESOL

      Personalised Children's and Young Adult Classes - what to expect?

      Interactive elements:
      • Weekly correspondence with (and feedback to) parents with images, results, class materials, requests, querries.

      • Bespoke curricula devised and created as appropriate for each student

      • Grammar, spelling, pronunciation, expressions

      Studying Back Holes in ESOL
      • Multi-sensory and multi-media in class resources with real time student Q and A involvement, annotation, feedback, reinforcement

      • Conversation with situational role play for Real world and fictional scenarios

      • Editing, creative writing and proofreading of written work

      Studying Back Holes in ESOL
      • Tutored or self directed practice or testing exercises

      • Opportunities for homework, extention and ongoing WeChat messaging outside of class times

      • Real time pronunciation, grammar, composition correction

      • UK-British cultural awareness for foreign students

      Studying Back Holes in ESOL

      个性化的儿童和青少年课程 - 会发生什么?

      • 为每个学生设计和创建适合每个学生的定制课程
      • 语法、拼写、发音、表达
      • 课堂资源中的多感官和多媒体
      • 具有实时学生 Q 和 A 参与、注释、反馈、强化
      • 与现实世界和虚构场景的情景角色扮演对话
      • 书面作品的编辑、创意写作和校对
      • 辅导或自我指导的练习或测试练习
      • 课外作业、扩展和持续微信消息的机会
      • 实时发音、语法、作文校正
      • 外国学生的英英文化意识
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      Children's Tencent (Voov) online Classes - what do you need?

      在线 Voov 课程 - 它们是什么样的?
      • Students should ideally use a laptop 😎- as this makes the classes more interactive and engaging, so they can make quick progress.
      • Ipads and tablets are the next best choice. 😐
      • Sadly, Phones are unacceptable for most classes. 😥
      • Voov videoconferencing app on your device is perfect for fully engaging lessons!
      • WeChat video can sometimes be ok.
      • Students will need a quiet place, a table and a chair. Many students can't use headsets or headphones accurately and can't adjust them either, so they're often a problem.
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      • 理想情况下,学生应该使用笔记本电脑😎-因为这使课程更具互动性和吸引力,因此他们可以进步.
      • Ipads 或平板电脑是第二选择. 😐
      • 手机根本不适合上课. 😥
      • 您设备上的 Voov 视频会议应用程序非常适合充分参与课程!
      • 微信视频有时候还可以.
      • 学生需要一个安静的地方,一张桌子和一把椅子. 很多学生无法准确使用耳机或耳机,也无法调整它们,因此经常出现问题.
    • Adults 成年人

      Almost as many adults as children and young adults are improving their English with me.


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      Adult Classes - what to expect?

      成人班 - 会发生什么?
      Interactive elements:
      • Bespoke curricula devised and created as appropriate for each student
      • Grammar, spelling, pronunciation, expressions,
      • Conversation with situational role play for Real world and fictional scanrios
      • Proofreading of written work
      • Tutored or self directed practice or testing exercises
      • Real time pronunciation correction
      • Homework / study options avaliable
      • UK cultural insights for overseas inbound student
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      • 为每个学生设计和创建适合每个学生的定制课程
      • 语法、拼写、发音、表达等
      • 与现实世界/虚构场景的情景角色扮演对话
      • 校对任何书面作品
      • 辅导或自我指导的练习或测试练习
      • 实时发音校正
      • 提供家庭作业/学习选择
      • 面向海外学生的英国文化见解