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    I am a UK-trained QTS (Fully Qualified) & vastly experienced schoolteacher, private tutor & innovator - integrity, curiosity and passion are my constants. I hope to open your eyes or exceed your expectations of how you or your children can learn.

    我是一名受过英国培训的 QTS(完全合格)和经验丰富的教师、私人导师和创新者 - 正直、好奇心和热情是我不变的。我希望让您大开眼界,或超越您对您或您孩子的学习方式的期望。

    Every student's journey is different.

    Students, parents & myself agree a student learning plan. I'm the navigator, leader, teacher. We'll get there! Come and see how and why.


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    Children's ENGLISH language courses:
    Reach Higher & Oxford Reading Tree, CEC, CRC
    达到更高的 RH 和牛津阅读树 ORT、CEC、CRC 课程
    Take any Whales English course one to one with me: a real, qualified, native English-speaking teacher. Or I can modify the courses to suit the students interests and needs with multi-sensory, variable media interactions.
    与我一对一地参加任何鲸鱼英语课程:一位真正的、合格的 以英语为母语的老师,或者我可以通过多感官 变的媒体互动来修改课程以满足学生的兴趣和需求。
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    English as a Second Language (TESOL)
    英语作为第二语言教学 (TESOL)
    I'm a fully qualified, very experienced Online TESOL.

    I'll use the skills and techniques mastered over thirty years of educational experience to quickly progress any student's ability and attainment in spoken and written English with a relaxed and nurturing classroom.

    我是一个完全合格的,非常有经验的在线 TESOL。
    我将利用在 30 多年的教育经验中掌握的技能和技巧,在轻松而有教养的课堂上快速提高任何学生在英语口语和写作方面的能力和成绩。
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    Teaching Reading 教学阅读

    Oxford Reading Tree is a wonderful resource for all children learning to read. It offers an opportunity for cultural immersion, real & fantasy situations. I have use ORT for many, many years. All Kids love the books, the characters & the adventures - & yours will too.
    牛津阅读树是所有儿童学习阅读的绝佳资源. 它为文化沉浸、真实和幻想情境提供了机会. 我已经使用 ORT 很多年了. 所有的孩子都喜欢书籍、角色和冒险——你也会喜欢.
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    Phonics and Pronunciation 拼音和发音

    I know, understand and can teach...
    • phonics - and the 42 sounds in spoken English
    • grammar rules in written English
    • punctuation
    • Key words and vocabulary
    I use conversation, comprehension questions and answers, role-play, to develop and teach all of these: and to improve pronunciation, confidence and syntax


    • phonics - 以及英语口语中的 42 个音
    • 书面英语的语法规则
    • 标点
    • 关键词和词汇
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    Teaching Writing 写作教学

    Interactive elements:
    • Study Character, Setting & Plot
    • Effective Vocabulary awareness
    • Grammar, Verb Tense and Styles
    • Proof-reading, Spelling correcting & Editing
    • Drafting and redrafting to improve writing
    • Studying a variety of Genres (Writing forms) non-fiction articles, fictional narrative, etc, etc.
    • 研究人物、环境和情节
    • 有效的词汇意识
    • 语法、动词时态和风格
    • 校对、拼写纠正和编辑
    • 起草和重新起草以改善写作
    • 学习各种体裁(写作形式)非小说类文章、虚构叙事等。
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    Kids Tencent (voov) online Classes

    孩子们 腾讯(voov)网课
    • Students should ideally use a laptop 😎
    • Ipads and tablets are OK. 😐
    • Phones are unacceptable for most classes. 😥
    • Tencent / Voov videoconferencing app on your device is perfect
    • WeChat video can sometimes be ok.
    • Students will need a quiet place, a table and a chair.
    • 学生最好使用笔记本电脑😎
    • Ipad 和平板电脑都可以。 😐
    • 大多数课程不接受电话。 😥
    • 您设备上的腾讯 / Voov 视频会议应用程序完美无缺
    • 微信视频有时可以。
    • 学生需要一个安静的地方,一张桌子和一把椅子。
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    Kids Tencent (voov) Classes - what to expect?

    孩子们 腾讯 (voov) 课程 - 期待什么?

    • don't buy any resources
    • you are encouraged to attend classes
    • try to discuss class learning with students afterwards
    • share an English book especially if you have a native speaker audio
    • 不要购买任何资源
    • 我们鼓励您上课
    • 之后尝试与学生讨论课堂学习
    • 分享一本英文书,特别是如果你有母语人士的音频
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    Adult Classes - what to expect?

    在线 Voov 课程 - 它们是什么样的?
    Interactive elements:
    • Bespoke curricula devised and created as appropriate for each student
    • Grammar, spelling, pronunciation, expressions,
    • Conversation with situational role play for Real world and fictional scanrios
    • Proofreading of written work
    • Tutored or self directed practice or testing exercises
    • Real time pronunciation correction
    • Homework / study options avaliable
    • UK cultural insights for overseas inbound student
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    在线 Voov 课程 - 它们是什么样的?

    • 为每个学生设计和创建适合每个学生的定制课程
    • 语法、拼写、发音、表达等
    • 与现实世界/虚构场景的情景角色扮演对话
    • 校对任何书面作品
    • 辅导或自我指导的练习或测试练习
    • 实时发音校正
    • 提供家庭作业/学习选择
    • 面向海外学生的英国文化见解
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